RPS Meeting -Model Practical Night

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Date and Time

Date - 22nd February
7:45 pm - 10:00 pm

Icknield Walk School

From Paul:
 This week we have a photo shoot with 2 dancers.
This can be an opportunity to capture some motion photography and to be more creative with that than a portrait shot would normally allow.Please bring your cameras with charged batteries.
Camera settings and gear
The initial camera settings you may find useful might be:
Set to Auto focus and continuous auto focus may be preferable,
Set your camera to burst or continuous shots,
Aperture setting between f/2.8-f/4.
ISO I suggest to 1600 but it depends on your camera,
Shutter speed at 1/500 but you may want to set for faster.Obviously you may need to adapt settings to your camera and the environment as well as the look that you want.I suggest that you bring a tripod however you should certainly be prepared to move around to get the best shots as you will want to capture their faces.

 As there is motion involved I would suggest you bring a lens that focuses reasonably quickly.

You may find more dramatic shots if you are at a low angle also.

I would like to set up 2 studio rigs and so I need club members to help with getting the equipment out and setting up the backdrops. 
Remember that an electrical socket is needed and we should take care where we place the leads so that these are not a trip hazard. Help will be needed to put it all away too.
We may need to use two rooms and if so your help is needed to move chairs and tables and to put them back at the end of the evening. Photos before we move furniture etc may be needed so that we can put it all back into in its right place!
The lighting rig set up that I want to try and use is as follows:

Although we will probably have only have two lights (one soft box light at the side and one at front).

 If we have a grid to add to the soft box that may help stop too much light hitting the background.
In order to have the dancers at a relatively low price we have offered to provide them with images from club members. I will set up a Dropbox and am happy to receive them by email or memory/usb stick over the next fortnight (put your name on the usb stick though!). Prepare to be nagged for them!
The inter web thing
 There are lots of articles on the internet about dance photography and capturing motion, and you may want to research those for ideas about what you may want to try tomorrow