Single Image Challenge and others

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Date and Time

Date - 08th March
7:45 pm - 10:00 pm

Icknield Walk School

  1. Image Challenge. :  Organised  by Andrew Colgan:
Andy uploaded two (I know it is a single image challenge, but I want the night to last more than 30 minutes!) image to the Dropbox link below.  Both images are in the Adobe DNG format and are straight out go the camera – no processing has been applied.  Your task is to take either one, or both, of the images and edit them in any way you want to produce a final image.
Be as creative as you can in your editing – I want to see what your vision for the images is.  On the 8th March, bring your final images to the presentation night and tell the members how you achieved your image and why.

2.  Images for the Museum – mounting into Frames

3. Show of printed images in recent external exhibitions = Alan, Bob and Paul