27th October – In Royston

This week we are out and about in Royston – weather permitting.
We will  meet at the top car par near the Bull Inn outside Mica Hardware at 7:30pm
You will need your cameras, tripods and suitable clothing.
Depending on numbers, we will break up into small groups with the following brief:
Each person in the group should  –

  1. Produce a ‘ghostly image’ (well what did you expect from this near to halloween)
  2. Create an image where a significant portion (or all) of the main subject is in shadow.
  3. Make an image where the subject is bathed in light e.g from a street lamp, shop window etc.
    The identity of the subject should remain a mystery.

The main subject of the image should be human

To help you, here is a link to an article on creating ghostly images. There are others so feel free to carry out research youself.
For the others, you will have to use your own imagination. For the others, you will have to use your own imagination. I looked at ‘Hiding in Shadows images’ and ‘images under the streetlight’ but there are many other sources of inspiration on the internet and in magazines
The idea is to look at the different ways of working with low light in an image

As the temperature is dropping, please ensure you wear appropriate clothing and have spare batteries for all your equipment.

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