Competition Winning Images



2021 -2022

Open Print II
winner Bob Coote (Elk), 2nd place  Jitka Bryn (Bulb Staircase – Prague), 3rd place – David Walters (Harvest Mouse)

Macro and Close up (as PDI)
winner Bob Coote (Fly),  2nd place -Peter Baker (Red Eyed Tree Frog),  3rd place – Martin Johnson (Female Common Blue Butterfly)

Open Print (as PDI)
winner Bob Coote – (Brown Bear ), 2nd place – Martin Johson (Female Common Butterfly), 3rd place – David Walters (Skye Colour range) 

Movement – PDI
winner – Phil Gravett (Going, Going…), 2nd place – Bob Coote (Running Coyote) 3rd palce – Marting Johnson (Seabird landing) 

Five Elements – PDI
winner – Andy Fox (Wave Energy), 2nd place – Martin Johnson (End of the Line) and 3rd place Andy Fox – Morning Warmth

Monochrome -PDI (due to Covid)
winner – Jitka Brynjolffssen (Citizen M spiral), 2nd place Boob Coote (The Tacklers) and 3rd Place Peter Baker (The Rain Falls Down like Tears)

Open PDI
Winner  – Linda Besin (Stripes and Bubbles), 2nd place Martin Johnson (Two Male Chalkhill Blue Butterflies) and in 3rd place was Bob Coote (Hover Fly)



Horizons – PDI
Winner – David Walters (Silky Bay), 2nd and 3rd place Peter Baker.  Highly Commended – Bob Coote,  Aitch Dawnes, Lucie Wood

Open – PDI
Winner Andrew Colgan, 2nd and 3rd place – Peter Baker. Highly Commended – Bob Coote and Martin Johnson

Minimalism – PDI
Winner – Jitka Bryn, 2nd place  Andrew Colgan, 3rd place – David Walters, Highly Commended – Linda Besin

Abstract – PDI
Winner – Lind Besin, 2nd  Peter baker,  3rd – Margaret Budgen

Lockdown – PDI
Winner – Peter Baker, second and third place – Andrew Colgan

Monochrome -PDI
Winner – Andrew Colgan, 2nd Andrew Fox, 3rd – Jitka Brynjolffssen,  Linda Besin

Open PDI – 2020-2021
Winner – Martin Johnson,  2nd -Mike Smith,  3rd- David Waters
HC – Peter Baker, Mike Smith and Peter Andrew

Rivers and Estuaries – 2020
Winner – Martin Johnson,  2nd – Peter Baker,  3rd- Linda Besin

Scapes – 2020
Winner – Jitka Brynjolffssen,  2nd – Peter Andrew,  3rd – Bob Coote

Nature – 2019
Winner – Bob Coote,  2nd – Peter Baker,  3rd – Tim Somervell

Monochrome – 2019
Winner-Andrew Colgan, 2nd – Jitka Brynjolffssen,  3rd – Peter Baker

Open PDI – 2019
Winner – Bob Coote, 2nd – Jitka Brynjolffssen, 3rd – Martin Johnson

Boat and Boating – 2019
Winner – Andrew Colgan, 2nd- Bob Coote, 3rd – Andrew Colgan

Themed Panel – 2019
Winner – Bob Coote, 2nd Andrew Colgan, 3rd – Peter Baker

Open Print – 2019
Winner – Sam Orchard, 2nd – Andrew Fox, 3rd- Bob Coote

Mobile Phone – 2019
Winner – David Walters, 2nd – Andrew Colgan, 3rd – Jitka Brynjolffssen

Primary Colours – 2019
Winner – Martin Johnson, 2nd – Neil Sumner, 3rd – Linda Besin

Macro -Print – 2018
Winner – Bob Coote, 2nd – Bob Coote, 3rd – Andrew Colgan

Monochrome  Print – 2018
Winner Sam Orchard,  2nd = Andrew Fox, 3rd – Bob Coote

Open PDI – 2018
Winner – Neil Summers, 2nd  – Andrew Colgan, 3rd -Kevin Binks

Portfolio -Print 2018
Winner – Bob Coote,  2nd – Andrew Colgan,  3rd – Jenny Hudson

Curves PDI 2018
Winner – Jitka Brynjolffssesn, 2nd – Margaret Budgen,  3rd –  Kath Watson

Abstract Print 2018
Winner – Andrew Colgan,   2nd  Martin Johnson,  3rd – Bob Coote