Useful Links

What is ON EAF here


The site  not only has links to many UK clubs but also includes Photo Start Sheet which a very well presented summary and links for information on cameras, photos, magazines, tutorials and such like. Well worth a look.


Photographic Tips

1. Peter Baker – How to be a Hit at Parties – click here ,  for the Basics of Flash click here

2.PreParing a Picture in a Mount – click here

2. Phil Gravett – creating a black background in Photoshop

3. James Brown – how to post process a portrait in Photoshop  DSLR-Guru


Photographic Courses

James Kerwin -download from  Links and resources for Camera Club Talks 2020

Justin Mimms photographic Courses – website. click here   (landscape)

Celia Barttlet photographic courses in West Cork –  click here   (landscape and wildlife)

Slawek Staszczuk – photographic courses and tuition click here

David Garthwaite –  For resorces from the talk click here.  For Tutorials and courses click here

Ken Payne – United Photographic Portfolio – for Tutorial Page click here