1DavidWatersSilky Bay20First
2Peter BakerFun FromDawn till Dusk20Second
3Peter BakerNo Company Needed19Third
4Bob CooteThe Rock19Highly Commended
5H DawesSerene Sahara19Highly Commended
6Lucie WoodA Walk At Sunset18Highly Commended
7Peter BakerA Well Worn Path17
8JitkaBrynjolffssenSupermoon And A Lonely Star Over Tenby Bay17
9Bob CooteSnowy Mountains17
10Bob CooteThe Cabin17
11H DawesThe Blue Horizon With The Big Boobies17
12Tony PiperAlpine View17
13Tony PiperPuffin Island, Beaumaris17
14Tim SomervellI'm Off Over The Horizon17
15David WatersCycling The Line17