Open 2021

1AndrewColganBlue Diamond20F I R S T
3AndrewColganLacing Up20
4Peter BakerA Well Balanced Moment20Second
5Peter BakerOn Therfield Heath20Third
6Bob CooteThe Tackle20HighlyCommended
7MartinJohnsonTwo Male Chalkhill Blue Butterflies20HighlyCommended
8Linda BesinFebruary Morning OnTherfield Heath19
9JitkaBrynjolffssenSparrow Hawk At MyWindow - That's a Surprise19
10Bob CooteEly Cathederal19
11Sue HartgaHoughton Space19
12MartinJohnsonMale Adonis Blue Butterfly19
13Karen AkersFrozen Waterfall18
14Peter BakerMovement Frozen18
15Bob CooteGrass Track Cornering18
16Pat FlickerThe Scallop On Aldeburgh Beach18
17Phil GravettSailing Days Are Over18
18David WatersView To Another World18
19Peter AndrewA Canal Enthusiast17
20Peter AndrewA Lonesome Pine Near Wyddial17
21JitkaBrynjolffssenThe Beauty OfAddenbrooke's CarPark17
23Andrew FoxGrounded Lightship17
24Andrew FoxRedundant Pool17
25Phil GravettThe Flight Of TheKingfisher17
26Sue HartgaConcentration17
27MartinJohnsonReed Bunting Argument17
28Tony PiperBurano Island, Venice17
29Tim SomervellTime To Go17
30Tim SomervellWhat's Over There Dear!17
31David Haywain17