Studio Shoot set up information

Studio Evening  – Information (by Clive Downes)

Some information regarding the studio session

You will obviously need a camera. Please ensure batteries are fully charged and with a memory card(s). Ideally you need a lens in the range of 24-105mm (equivalent on a full frame). If you have a slightly longer lens that will be fine.

There will be flash triggers available to fire the studio lights, but you can use your own portable flash to fire the lights, though you need to set it to manual, on low power and able bounce it off the ceiling.

Camera setting
You will need to set your camera to ‘Manual’ and will be advised on what aperture to use.
You do need to know what your camera sync speed is (just Google it). Usually it is about 1/200 to 1/250 for most cameras. Your shutter speed must be either at the Sync Speed or below.
ISO setting will be 200
So a typical starting setting would be ISO = 200 Shutter = 1/200 Aperture = f8.
If you are using a mirrorless camera, ensure that it is set to ‘mechanical’ not ‘electronic/silent’ shutter, otherwise it will not fire the flash.

Colour Balance
It is strongly recommended that you use RAW not Jpeg. You can set your white balance to AWB (auto) and set it to ‘flash’ if required when you process the images in your RAW converter. If you use Jpeg, you must set it to ‘Flash’ otherwise the pictures may look orange from the modeling lights

Both models are professional, so will have a repertoire of poses if you are not sure how to direct them and we help you. Within reason the models will pose as you request and are very easy to work with.

The models are into theme ideas and will bring a few props, so use the session to try out an idea if you want. If you have a particular prop you want to try, e.g. hats, glasses, etc. You will need to check with the model first and please ensure it is clean!

Clive Downes