18th November: Speaker: Jonathan Vaines: In the Blender

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Date and Time

Date - 18th November
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

 In this talk Jonathan Vaines will show images that have benefitted from a simple single blended layer to more complex multiple blending creations. The addition of a texture, the movement of light or making overlays produced from several original images are all part of the blending process in post-production.  As ingenious as our post-production packages are in allowing the manipulation of an image, we also have an innovative tool that captures the photographs – our camera.  Many cameras come with the ability to blend at the time the shutter button is pressed.  This method does come with less control but also produces unique pieces of work and is the ultimate artistic tool.  Jonathan will show a number of images that are blended in-camera and also enhanced further with a little help from post-processing, and explain why he is drawn to the in-camera multiple exposure more and more.