Standard Rules

Internal Competition Rules

General Rules

The following are applicable to all internal competitions –

  1. Please note that only the top 7 scores from your competition entries (total of 8 POTY Competitions) will count towards the club Photographer of the Year award.
  2. Each member may submit up to 3 images.
  3. The photograph should have been captured within not more than 4 years before the date of the competition.
  4. The photograph cannot be submitted in any internal competition more than once.
  5. In the unlikely event of a dispute the Club Committee will provide the final ruling.
  6. Where the competition specifies prints –
  7. They should be no less than 48 sq in in area. This is the equivalent of a 6 x 8 inch (15 x 20 cm approximately) print.
  8. They cannot exceed 20” x 16” (50 cm x 40 cm) which is to include the mount.
  9. They must be mounted, either surface or bevel cut.
  10. The name of the author, title and date the photograph was taken should be clearly stated on the back of the mount using label available from the club. The label can be downloaded from the club website.
  11. Submission – Prior to submitting prints on the night, digital images (in PDI size) together with titles and date of capture must be submitted to the  Competition Secretary two days prior to the competition. 
  12. Where the competition specifies digital images
  13. The image should not exceed 1600 (wide) by 1200 (high) pixels when displayed. If you are uncertain how to reduce the size of your images. Instructions for resizing can be obtained from the Competition Secretary. 
  14. The image should be in JPG format and with minimum compression.
  15. The PDI images must be in s RGB format.
  16. The name of the author, title and date the photograph was taken should be clearly stated. It is suggested that, along with the images the author should include a notepad files of the image filenames, any titles and the date each was taken.
  17. Click on the link below for instructions how to achieve the requirements in items 12-15:
    Creating PDI in PS Elements
  18. No submissions will be accepted if the above rules 12-15 are not followed.
  19. Images should be submitted  email  or by  USB stick, memory card or CD, DVD,  to the Competition Secretary at least one week prior to the competition. Last dates for submission will be noted in the diary. No submissions will be accepted on the night of the competition.