PositionAuthorImage TitlePointsTotalImage rank
1Andrew ColganRoyal Exchange20541
Andrew ColganParting is such sweet sorrow18
Andrew ColganThe Firmament16
2Martin JohnsonPetrol on Water19532
Martin JohnsonRipples17
Martin JohnsonAbstract in blue17
3Jitka BrynjolffssenDrowning1852
Jitka BrynjolffssenNo way through18
Jitka BrynjolffssenWhat's new pussy cat16
4Bob CooteCorrosion19523
Bob CooteWaves of boiling rock17
Bob CooteA wing and a prayer16
5Pat FlickerLine dancing1851
Pat FlickerPlaying with fire17
Pat FlickerBluebell wood16
6David WatersTexture in purple1751
David WatersDisturbed pathway17
David WatersSan Fransico sky17
7Richard SchrammTextured Bend1850
Richard SchrammRudder Anode16
Richard SchrammOrbiting Particles16
8Mike SmithCamelia1949
Mike SmithSouthwold beach huts16
Mike SmithAnglesey Birch Grove14
9Andrew GillbornRoofed abstract1646
Andrew GillbornMainly Red15
Andrew GillbornHairy Abstract15
10Peter AndrewSunshine and showers1846
Peter AndrewHeights of Autumn15
Peter AndrewSpirits of the sea13
11Andrew FoxAngel1646
Andrew FoxMarathon shadows15
Andrew FoxReflective15
12Jenny HudsonShining pathway1733
Jenny HudsonSpikes16
13Su SandersThrough my studio glass No 21631
Su SandersThrough my Studio glass No 115
14Andy BrooksTea Room Reflections1528
Andy BrooksUnder the Humber Bridge13
15P.J. GatesFingals cave1616
16Alan LinsdellLost in a crowd1515