Curves -PDI

Position AuthorImage TitlePointsScorePosition
1Bob CooteNorwich Cathedral1955
Bob CooteAn Avian Swirl18
Bob CooteRed Arrows18
2Andrew ColganTulip staircase, Greenwich1954
Andrew ColganWalk towards the light19
Andrew ColganProcession16
3Jitka BrynjolffssenCitizen M Hotel Spiral2053
Jitka BrynjolffssenWatch were you're going..201
Jitka BrynjolffssenCurvy marble vase13
4Martin JohnsonHepworth Handiwork1952
Martin JohnsonCurves at Croome17
Martin JohnsonTree Knot Detail16
5Andrew FoxBlue on Black1851
Andrew FoxSage View17
Andrew FoxTherfield curves16
6Kathryn WatsonBend in the river20513
Kathryn WatsonField tracks16
Kathryn WatsonRoad through the trees15
7Margaret BudgenLunch Break20502
Margaret BudgenCheeky Curves by Botero17
Margaret BudgenCordoba curves13
8Sam OrchardWall Art1749
Sam OrchardNo peeking16
Sam OrchardNatures curves16
9Andrew GillbornRainbow curve in sky1647
Andrew GillbornView through the curve16
Andrew GillbornLighthouse curved stairs15
10Neil SumnerWheels in the snow1747
Neil SumnerSparks will fly15
Neil SumnerThe big wheel15
11David WatersLinks1847
David WatersSilver Intestine17
David WatersGlass Ceiling12
12Richard SchrammKings Cross1947
Richard SchrammNatural Curves16
Richard SchrammGlass curves12
13Peter AndrewCurves and contours1646
Peter AndrewAnchor Chain15
Peter AndrewAdjusting Time15
14Tim SomervellVillage paddy fields1545
Tim SomervellWater curves into a vortex15
Tim SomervellAlnwick fountains15
15Jenny HudsonFlicking Through1645
Jenny HudsonOn The Old Shed Wall16
Jenny HudsonHold That Pose13
16Terry HartgaThe Marie-Elisabeth-Luders-Haus1745
Terry HartgaHeaven Scent16
Terry HartgaNautical knot12
17Angela GoodingNatural Curves1643
Angela GoodingHaving fun at the park15
Angela GoodingA Station Clock12
18Sue HartgaIced Canal1643
Sue HartgaPort Seton14
Sue HartgaSpecs13
19Andy BrooksLow tide on the Wash1643
Andy BrooksCurved Parapet15
Andy BrooksIngleton falls12
20Pat FlickerDurdle Door1543
Pat FlickerRibblehead Viaduct15
Pat FlickerMute Swan13
21Mike SmithCurved Perspective1642
Mike SmithCurved Ice14
Mike SmithCurved Mirror Selfie12
22Kevin BinksTasty rainbow1439
Kevin BinksLips13
Kevin BinksTea lights at night12