Open Print 2020 – PDI: Scores

TitleAuthorScorePos’n 1,2,3total score
1Balinese Market ButcherAndrew Colgan203rd58
Diamond Beach DuskAndrew Colgan201st
Marina Bay, SingaporeAndrew Colgan18
2Coyote HuntingBob Coote1957
Emperor dragonflyBob Coote202nd
Red Kite in the wildBob Coote18
3Avocet FeedingMartin Johnson1855
Bumble Bee on Sunflower HeadMartin Johnson203rd
Chalkhill Blue Butterfly on Grass StemMartin Johnson17
4Ayla, flowing in dancePeter Baker202nd54
Inspired by Earthrise homeworkPeter Baker17
Space to thinkPeter Baker17
52020 The beach less travelledKaren Akers1751
Panda eats shoots and leavesKaren Akers16
Streaming through the valleyKaren Akers18
6Bit SaltyKevin Binks1850
On the HuntKevin Binks17
Perched ready to LaunchKevin Binks15
7Should Birds Roost in a Radio Telescope?Jitka Bryn1649
Abstract Art at Canary Wharf CanalJitka Bryn15
Lockdown Jitka Bryn18
8Sunset in PinkLucie Wood1749
Lights in the ForestLucie Wood16
Painting with LightLucie Wood16
9Sunrise over the OlgasMargaret Budgen1549
White rosesMargaret Budgen18
Green shoots after the bush firesMargaret Budgen16
10A Walk Through the WoodPeter Andrew1649
West Bay HarbourPeter Andrew17
Winter on Whin Hill, DerbyshirePeter Andrew16
11Willet - Snoozing in the SurfDavid Walters1648
Front Row SeatsDavid Waters16
Vulnerable BeautyDavid Waters16
12Cleaning the Scalpel!Linda Besin1748
Clevedon Pier on a November grey dayLinda Besin16
Trees 'floating' in the snowLinda Besin15
13Fighting SwansPat Flicker1848
HOVER flyPat Flicker15
RobinPat Flicker15
14An African welcomePhil Gravett1648
Snoozing LionessPhil Gravett16
The Batwa chief's wifePhil Gravett16
15Red SquirrelTim Somervell1445
Leopard that was nice!Tim Somervell15
Pay Attention You LotTim Somervell16
16Glass half emptyTerry Harga1644
Lockdown Garden PartyTerry Harga15
Luggage in AdvanceTerry Harga13
17Climbing to the skyAndrew Gilborn1440
Hard hot workAndrew Gilborn12
The heath at peaceAndrew Gilborn14
18Eye of the OrchidJenny Hudson1010