Open Digital

PositionAuthorImage TitleScore
1Alan LinsdellArctic Fox2058
Alan LinsdellThe Crane20
Alan LinsdellOsprey & Trout18
2Martin JohnsonRed Kite Up Close1957
Martin JohnsonSmall Skipper Butterfly nectaring on Thistle19
Martin JohnsonChalkhill Blue Butterfly on Field Scabious19
3Barbara StanleyAfrican Darter with Fish2055
Barbara StanleyThree Ducks18
Barbara StanleyRiver Bank17
4Carl WrightTour of Britain - Stage 7 Thetford1854
Carl WrightWomens Tour - Girl Power 118
Carl WrightWomens Tour - Girl Power 218
4Pat FlickerAny umbrellas1954
Pat FlickerComing in to land18
Pat FlickerGlass Blowing17
6Andrew FoxGrey Heron1853
Andrew FoxWatching Bubbles18
Andrew FoxTo St Pauls17
6Philip GravettAirborne1953
Philip GravettScramble18
Philip GravettComing in to Land16
6Terry HartgaSteve1953
Terry HartgaPensive Pose18
Terry HartgaThe great gathering at Shildon16
6Sarah RyanCromer Pier - August bank holiday1853
Sarah RyanSilhouetted Sisters18
Sarah RyanBaldock Fair17
6Sam OrchardGive me a hug1953
Sam OrchardAt the water hole18
Sam OrchardTraining in the rain16
6Andy BrooksFlamborough Head lighthouse1853
Andy BrooksReflections of the Senate House18
Andy BrooksCity skyline17
12Bob CooteDragon and Damsel flies1852
Bob CooteMouse18
Bob CooteThe side car fallers16
12Richard SchrammOy! You!1952
Richard SchrammThe roof17
Richard SchrammMisty Morn16
12Mike SmithMelt water1852
Mike SmithLismore lighthouse17
Mike SmithPretty Nest17
12Rhiannon MaslenTool bench1852
Rhiannon MaslenCream tea17
Rhiannon MaslenOwen17
12Peter AndrewConkers1852
Peter AndrewChinese Bridge - Wimpole17
Peter AndrewDisused quarry Hathesage Moor17
17Grahame PettitSwaffham church1851
Grahame PettitSun bleached18
Grahame PettitRainy days15
17Andrew ColganScarce Swallowtail1851
Andrew ColganNotre Dame transept17
Andrew ColganSouthern white faced owl16
19Sue HartgaWagon at Quorn1850
Sue HartgaOwl and handler16
Sue HartgaSteam Punk Morris16
19Paul CooleyWaiting1850
Paul CooleyThings are looking up16
Paul CooleyTravel the globe16
19Greg ButterworthWells Next the Sea1850
Greg ButterworthLast Catch16
Greg ButterworthLines16
22Samuel CurtisSparks will fly1749
Samuel CurtisNo Entry17
Samuel CurtisClosed till morning15
22Steve RaoThe lighthouse1749
Steve RaoWhite Knuckle Ride16
Steve RaoChampagne Strawberry Flash16
22Graeme CarollComing up on the outside1749
Graeme CarollMonarch Butterfly17
Graeme CarollRoots15
22Lyndsay LeesA different kind of jigsaw1749
Lyndsay LeesAnyone for clogs16
Lyndsay LeesOut on the canal16
26Jitka BrynjolffssenOld Town Stockholm windows1748
Jitka BrynjolffssenTulips at Blickling Hall16
Jitka BrynjolffssenHard nut to crack15