Street Photography

PositionAuthorTitle (Points)PointsScore
1Richard SchrammRehearsal time2059
Richard SchrammBusy Pub - London20
Richard SchrammEnjoyment19
2Andrew ColganThe invisible woman1855
Andrew ColganThe search for light bulb17
Andrew ColganReflected20
3Martin JohnsonU didn't say cheese1753
Martin JohnsonSouth Acton residents19
Martin JohnsonWatching the street entertainer17
4Jitka BrynjolffssenLove in Venice1551
Jitka BrynjolffssenGirl in red16
Jitka BrynjolffssenStreet photography in style20
4Sam OrchardTaxi1751
Sam OrchardStreet selfy18
Sam OrchardPlaying to the streets of London16
4Mike SmithJuggler1751
Mike SmithTime for applause17
Mike SmithThe creel maker17
7Peter AndrewThe sound of music1647
Peter AndrewHome from Home12
Peter AndrewBlessed are the peacemakers19
8Peter MyringA day in the life of Havannah1646
Peter MyringHanoi café society15
Peter MyringVietnamese food store15
9Pat FlickerStreet entertainer1345
Pat FlickerStreet vendor14
Pat FlickerStreet seller18
10A GillbornHeading for coffee1528
A GillbornBikes for you13
10Alan LinsdellSnowy Monday morning1528
Alan LinsdellWet, cold Manchester morning13
11Su SandersWhere shall we eat this evening1225
Su SandersHold on dear wqhile I check my mobile13
12P.J. GatesThey are always in the way1020
P.J. GatesAshwell from the church tower10