Boat and Boating 2019

PositionAuthorImage TitlePointsscoreImage position
1Andrew ColganKing Harbour Marina20603
Andrew ColganMeal Time At The Gunner's Glory20
Andrew ColganWhere Old Boats Go To Die201
2Bob CooteBarnacled1754
Bob CooteGoing For the gate202
Bob CooteThe Wreck17
3Peter BakerGuernsey1651
Peter BakerMathematical Bridge, Queen's College, punts17
Peter BakerCamden Lock houseboats18
4David WatersReadying to set sail1450
David WatersSkiffs of Iona16
David WatersUnseaworthy20
4Martin JohnsonBoating on the Regents Canal1850
Martin JohnsonDavid Amongst the Goliaths16
Martin JohnsonLeft to Rot16
5Phil GravettMadeiran fishing boat outgoing1448
Phil GravettNavigating round the Brighton Wind Farm17
Phil GravettYacht race17
5Kevin Binks3'S A CROWD1648
Kevin BinksCatch a boat from here19
Kevin BinksStopped dredging at dusk13
5Peter AndrewIndian Fishing Boats; Finished for the Day1548
Peter AndrewPeace and Tranquility on the River Deben17
Peter AndrewSummer Evening; Blakeney Quay16
6Jitka BrynjolffssenPrimary colours Aldeburgh1247
Jitka BrynjolffssenHard work done at Devizes lock17
Jitka BrynjolffssenReflections at Husavik Harbour18
7Linda BesinThe Sauna Boat 'Express'1444
Linda BesinWaiting for the mist to lift18
Linda BesinSummer on the Island12
8Tim SomervellHang On1743
Tim SomervellPilot Boat Panama15
Tim SomervellWelsh Tranquillity11
9Andrew GillbornDon't forget the anchor.1443
Andrew GillbornEarly Morning14
Andrew GillbornThis boat needs a tractor!15
12Pat Flickerpunts on the river camb1741
Pat Flickerpaddling down the river14
Pat Flickernot sailing any more10
13Jenny HudsonAll The Essentials On Board1616