Internal Competition Rules 2021

Internal Competition Rules           2021 – 22 Season


The following are applicable to all internal competitions –

    1. There are eight Internal Competitions per season, which are marked with scores out of 20 per image.  
    2. Each member may submit up to 3 images per competition.
    3. The image should have been captured within not more than 4 years before the date of the competition.
    4. The image cannot be submitted in any internal  competition more than once.
    5. In the unlikely event of a dispute the Club Committee will provide the final ruling.
    6. All competition entries (whether print or PDI) can only be accepted through the PhotoEntry website and must be received by the closing date, which is the Friday six days before the Thursday on which the competition takes place.
    7. The internet address for the PhotoEntry website is: and each RPS member should have their own personal login details, which consists of their email address and a password. Passwords can be reset if forgotten via the login screen. New RPS members should contact the internal competitions secretary to have an account set up for them.
  • Print Competition images
      1. Prints should be no less than 48 sq in in area. This is the equivalent of a 6 x 8 inch (15 x 20 cm approximately) print. Please measure the size of your print and record the size in square cm on the print label – must be greater than 300 sq cm.
      2. They cannot exceed 20” x 16” (50 cm x 40 cm) which is to include the mount.
      3. They must be mounted, either surface or bevel cut.
      4. The name of the author, title, print size in sq cm and date the photograph was taken should be clearly stated on the back of the mount using a label available for download from the club website. 
      5. As noted in paragraph 6 above an entry for a print competition has to be done through Photoentry by the Friday preceding the date of the competition. This is done for administrative purposes and will dictate the sequence in which the prints are seen by the judge. No prints can be accepted on the night without having been submitted through the PhotoEntry website.
  • PDI’s whether for a Projected Competition or for Print Entry
    1. PhotoEntry should lead you through how to upload images to the website. If you encounter any problems then first refer to the help notes on the website. If you have an further issues then contact the Internal Competitions Secretary as you last resort .
    2. The image should not exceed 1600 (wide) by 1200 (high) pixels when displayed, but Photoentry should resize the image for you automatically. If you want to reduce the size of your images yourself, instructions for resizing can be found at: 
    3. The image should be in JPG format and with minimum compression. No other format is accepted by PhotoEntry.
    4. The PDI images must be in sRGB format, specifically sRGB IEC61966-2.1.
    5. The name of the author and title are dealt with via the PhotoEntry update.