Landscape Print

PositionAuthorImage TitleScoreTotalImage rank
1Andrew ColganHope Valley Sunrise20572nd
Andrew ColganWinter Sunrise on Over Owler Tor201st
Andrew ColganHalf Dome reflected in Cook's Meadow17
2Kathryn WatsonOgwen Valley20563rd
Kathryn WatsonMorman Row19
Kathryn WatsonDawson Falls17
3Andrew FoxBay of Ripples1953
Andrew FoxPeople and Power18
Andrew FoxBamburgh Castle16
4Peter AndrewButtermere Lake District1751
Peter AndrewSunrise North Shore Derwentwater17
Peter AndrewWinter over the Great Ouse17
5Bob CooteThe Glacier Melts1851
Bob CooteMorning Deer17
Bob CooteTern Island16
6Pat FlickerBlea Tarn Lake District1850
Pat FlickerAshness Bridge16
Pat FlickerLate afternoon in the lake district16
7Jitka BrynjolffssenNewark1750
Jitka BrynjolffssenSurrounded by Sandstone Giants17
Jitka BrynjolffssenAutumn in the Czech Paradise16
8Alan LinsdellCarboniferous Strata1949
Alan LinsdellView to a Glacier17
Alan LinsdellPolar Blue13
9Sam OrchardWinter Time at Corbiere1747
Sam OrchardMont Orgueil Castle Jersey16
Sam OrchardOne Surfer and His Dog14
10Richard SchrammEdinburgh View1646
Richard SchrammEly Cathedral16
Richard SchrammThe Old Dee Bridge ? Chester14
11Mike SmithOld Town Scilly1646
Mike SmithMachrie Bay, Aran15
Mike SmithLighthouse Orford Ness15
12Martin JohnsonReflected Landscape, Salford Quays1645
Martin JohnsonMisty Morning Cooper Bay16
Martin JohnsonMountain Train to Lauterbrunnen13
13Andrew GillbornOut of town fishing rubbish1543
Andrew GillbornRoyal Greenwich15
Andrew GillbornAn Evening of dark and light13
14David WatersHarbour House1441
David WatersBreak in the Clouds14
David WatersCastle on the Hill13
15Angela GoodingWimpole Reflections1734
16Jenny HudsonGreat Day on the Fens1631
Jenny HudsonLavender Landscape15