Macro – Print 2018

PositionAuthorImage nameImage ScoreTotal scoreImage position
1Bob CooteDragonfly emerging1858
Bob CooteHouse flies mating20581
Bob CooteWasp drinking20582
2Andrew ColganAsian Mantis20573
Andrew ColganOrchid Mantis Preening1757
Andrew ColganRed-eyed Tree Frog (Agalychnis callidryas)2057
3Martin JohnsonBrown Argus Butterfly1754
Martin JohnsonFemale Chalkhill Blue Butterfly1954
Martin JohnsonMating Blue-tailed Damselflies1854
4Peter AndrewAutumn Fungus1852
Peter AndrewAutumnal Decay1852
Peter AndrewThe Contents of my Pocket1652
4Richard BowenHave you ever seen1652
Richard BowenLadybird1852
Richard BowenLife as a nut1852
5David WatersEasy Finger position1751
David WatersNot Berry Nice1651
David WatersParallel Universe1851
Andrew FoxMigrant Hawker Dragonfly1750
Andrew FoxSmall Skipper1450
Andrew FoxTranquility drop1950
Pat FlickerBlackberries and fruit fly1750
Pat FlickerWater Feature1750
Pat FlickerRed berries1650
Jitka BrynjolffssenClematis seed pods1548
Jitka BrynjolffssenOxeye Daisy1648
Jitka BrynjolffssenThe beauty of Bismuth1748
Kevin BinksFizzy Lime1948
Kevin BinksIcy Fruit1448
Kevin BinksMay Need WD401548
Linda BesinMoth Orchid1548
Linda BesinPink Veins1548
Linda BesinScratched & Bruised. No wonder after 70,000 hours!1848
Phil GravettHover fly on Autumn Crocus1446
Phil GravettOrange and Black Bug - Please identify1646
Phil GravettThe Hairy beast1646
Peter BakerForest Floor1445
Peter BakerIn the Old Workshop1745
Peter BakerMiniature Umbrella1445
Angela GoodingA Pop of Yellow1543
Angela GoodingIt's OK to be different1443
Angela GoodingToadstools in Autumn1443
Karen AkersBee Happy1532
Karen AkersDamsel Flies roll in the hay1732
Lucie WoodThe Spiral of Life1616
Jenny HudsonIris Petal1616