Mobile Phone – 2019

CompAuthorTitlePointsScoreImage position
1Andrew ColganTogether At Infinity's Edge202
Andrew ColganJump Shot19
Andrew ColganRobin In A Frozen Landscape1958
2Paul CooleyWaiting Over and Under19
Paul CooleyWhen the Punt Comes In19
Paul CooleyThe Sun Also Rises1856
3Jitka BrynjolffssenIcelandic sky203
Jitka BrynjolffssenSnacking at Wimpole18
Jitka BrynjolffssenLines and Curves1856
4David WatersFridge Raider201
David WatersFirst step of Winter18
David WatersPub in a glass1654
5Karen AkersIce blue lake18
Karen AkersA stop in time17
Karen AkersWaterfall1752
6Jenny HudsonThats It18
Jenny HudsonTaking a Break17
Jenny HudsonA Beady Eye1752
7Terry HartgaReflections at St Pauls19
Terry HartgaLocked Pastel Colours17
Terry HartgaDinner at The Gateway1652
8Neil SumnerStep Well18
Neil SumnerRed Kites Gathering18
Neil SumnerAirport Lounge1652
9Bob Cootecandle light18
Bob CooteIn Thought18
Bob CooteIcicled light source1652
10Richard BowenDusky Skies18
Richard BowenTrying to escape the storm17
Richard BowenA jumble in the jungle1550
11Kevin BinksUnder the Tracks18
Kevin BinksHe stole my Camera16
Kevin BinksOn the Job1650
12Andrew GillbornThe joy of dance19
Andrew GillbornSpring at last!16
Andrew GillbornThe Shadows in the City1550
13Tim SomervellDrinks all round18
Tim SomervellGone Fishing16
Tim SomervellOn The Move1549
14Angela GoodingCowslips17
Angela GoodingReflections on the River Cam16
Angela GoodingThe Calm After the Storm1548
15Phil GravettBrooding Sky17
Phil GravettAn unusual dragonfly15
Phil GravettHibernating Hornet1547
16Linda Besin'Tis not the season for diving!16
Linda BesinReflecting on the Past16
Linda BesinWho's a Pretty Boy?1547
17Peter AndrewBy the River Side16
Peter AndrewVegetables Galore15
Peter AndrewA Souk in Dubai1546
18Lucie WoodLost at Sea1616