Monochrome 2018

AuthorImage TitleScoreImage position
1Bob CooteEllie1858
Bob CooteWell Done20
Bob CooteGrass track racers203rd
2Martin JohnsonTeasels1957
Martin JohnsonUrban Curves18
Martin JohnsonMemories of Robben Island20
3Andrew ColganThe Light Between the Storms1856
Andrew ColganSt Peter's Basilica19
Andrew ColganPiazza del Campo19
3Sam OrchardThe Spots In A Box20561st
Sam OrchardCanterbury Cloisters17
Sam OrchardInterlocking Chairs19
4Andrew FoxNotre Dame and the Seine1754
Andrew FoxAberystwyth Quay17
Andrew FoxClairvoyant202nd
5Richard BowenCrash Site1652
Richard BowenIllumination18
Richard BowenSymmetry?18
6Kevin BinksA dark Autumnÿ1451
Kevin BinksOld Hand Making Musicÿ17
Kevin BinksOn the Edgeÿ20
7Angela GoodingThe Cellarium, Fountains Abbeyÿ2050
Angela GoodingSteady, Aim, Fire!ÿ15
Angela GoodingThe Salt Pansÿ15
7Peter BakerAny colour - as long as it's black & white1650
Peter BakerJohn's College Cambridge to the Bridge of Sighs18
Peter BakerThe happiest day of his life-16
8Jenny HudsonFingers & Fret1849
Jenny HudsonRays Through The Fountainÿ18
Jenny HudsonJust Waiting13
8Karen AkersNatural History Museum1249
Karen AkersSolitree20
Karen AkersMilky Eagle Owl17
8Paul CooleyMedieval Tower Mill1749
Paul CooleyThe Bold Bridge17
Paul CooleyVillage in the Gorge15
9David WatersSilent Loch1648
David WatersUnseaworthy17
David WatersHadrian's Call15
9Peter AndrewThe Duchess of Northumberland?s Water Garden1648
Peter AndrewThe Interior, Norwich Cathedral16
Peter AndrewA Winter Walk on the Beach16
10Jitka BrynjolffssenGodmanchester1447
Jitka BrynjolffssenTraffic Jam on the Way to the Tor16
Jitka BrynjolffssenTwo white vases or?17
10Phil GravettWaiting in Vain for the Boats' Return1447
Phil GravettLindisfarne Boat Shed17
Phil GravettWarkworth Castle16
11Sue SandersBrian performs acrobatics in the asparagus1644
Sue SandersI am not a ruddy Willow, I am a Silver Birch13
Sue SandersAll shapes and sizes15
12Pat FlickerGarden Gate1543
Pat FlickerB17 Sally B Duxford18
Pat FlickerThe Colloseum10
13Andrew GillbornSpooky Wimpole Folly838
Andrew GillbornThe Fort in the Thames14
Andrew GillbornThe Silent Tommy16
14Gail ClarkePoppies Fluttering in the Breeze1530
Gail ClarkeAt Voyage End15
15Sarah RyanRoyal Albert Dock, Liverpool1818
16Lucie SychrovaStormy Milford Sound1717
17P.J. GatesMr Peaceful1616