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PositionAuthorImage TitleScoreImage rank
1Bob CooteHappy Bill20
Bob CooteGrass Track Racing202nd
Bob CooteGood Boy19
2Richard SchrammJust One More Cigarette203rd
Richard SchrammIt's in here somewhere19
Richard SchrammEnjoying the Craic17
2Andrew FoxRainy Classic19
Andrew FoxFishing Boat Sheds – Holy Island19
Andrew FoxDungeness Relic18
3Andrew ColganMoonrise over Half Dome19
Andrew ColganHiding behind Mum17
Andrew ColganThe Spiv17
4Alan LinsdellBrown Bear – Finland18
Alan LinsdellCrested Tit17
Alan LinsdellWolverine – Finland17
4Jenny HudsonFocused18
Jenny HudsonAfter the rain17
Jenny HudsonChoosing17
5Sam OrchardSanto201st
Sam OrchardFairy Glen16
Sam OrchardThe old boat shed15
5David WatersWatching and waiting17
David WatersGlass Towers17
David WatersJoshua Tree and Black Mountain17
Martin JohnsonStarling18
Martin JohnsonMore than just ivory16
Martin JohnsonTidal Channel, Burnham Over Staithe16
Pat FlickerLighthouse at Penmon, Wales17
Pat FlickerAshness Bridge, Lake District17
Pat FlickerBridge near Snowdon15
Mike SmithPoppy17
Mike SmithLeaving the station16
Mike SmithDay Marker16
Jitka BrynjolffssenInside the switch house, Tate Modern18
Jitka BrynjolffssenIncinerator Rock, Canada17
Jitka BrynjolffssenCozy snooze on a sunny afternoon14
Paul CooleyWharf Regeneration17
Paul CooleyOdds and evens16
Paul CooleyArchitect's devotion15
Andy BrooksTempted out of the nettles17
Andy BrooksWaiting for the rut16
Andy BrooksPause for reflection15
Peter AndrewHigh Street Malmsbury17
Peter AndrewOrgan pipes at Blenheim16
Peter AndrewNorth Yorkshire Chimneys15
Su SandersCanon Ball, Southwold15
Su SandersWhere's Brian15
Su SandersC'mon baby light my fire13
Andrew GillbornWar Time, Orford15
Andrew GillbornSouthwold Pier14
Andrew GillbornYorkshire Tree sees tour de France13
Neil SumnerAnother bleak place17
Neil SumnerLong way to the mountain15
Neil Sumner