Monochrome Projected

1Bob CooteThe Whaler Cove1654
Bob CooteThe Canyon20
Bob CooteThanks my beauty18
1Andrew ColganMother & Calf1554
Andrew ColganThe playground showdaown19
Andrew Colgan108 coins for 108 wishes20
1Sam OrchardMe & My Dad2054
Sam OrchardCorbier Lighthouse15
Sam OrchardManos19
4Alan LinsdellMr Brock1550
Alan LinsdellThe wedding dress model15
Alan LinsdellBroken Angel20
5Steve De HavillandIcelandic Horses1849
Steve De HavillandFriesan stallion at the gallop17
Steve De HavillandTrue Friends14
6Richard SchrammAn Aldwych Evening1548
Richard SchrammLooking for the dorr17
Richard SchrammWho is Gilbert16
7Paul CooleyWalking the line1747
Paul CooleySkateboarder16
Paul CooleyPont Du Gard14
7Martin JohnsonSplash1547
Martin JohnsonChinstrap Penguins on melting iceberg17
Martin JohnsonNectaring marbled wihte15
9Peter AndrewSheep in Wensleydale1745
Peter AndrewTime for a new kitchen13
Peter AndrewRoofing Elegance15
9Su SandersPillbox and the old chestnut1245
Su SandersGo fetch19
Su Sanders17th Century Chimney14
11Peter MyringRaven1544
Peter MyringSunset Reeds15
Peter MyringDerelict Building14
11Steve RaoChained up boat1444
Steve RaoWe have you surrounded14
Steve RaoI Love my Kindle16
11Andrew FoxBrutal Sea Wall1644
Andrew FoxReady for the race15
Andrew FoxBlea Tarn13
14Jitka BrynjolffssenWho is climbving up the tele tower1343
Jitka BrynjolffssenThe longest escalator in EU17
Jitka BrynjolffssenHighland cow in Malton13
14Jenny HudsonReading the Score1443
Jenny HudsonShadows of the past13
Jenny HudsonWindswept sunflowers416
16Pat FlickerWalking the streets of London1342
Pat FlickerResting tiger14
Pat Flickerowl15
17Tim SomervellLanfstone Windmill1641
Tim SomervellEilean Donan Castl;e13
Tim SomervellTide Lines12
18Graeme CarrollNo Calls Today1440
Graeme CarrollPower Lines15
Graeme CarrollPostbox11
19Andy BrooksLate for lecture1439
Andy BrooksHaloween house13
Andy BrooksClean mean machine12
19Mike SmithComiung in to Land1539
Mike SmithOrford Ness13
Mike SmithLichen11
19David WatersSteam Compactor1439
David WatersBack streets of Venice12
David WatersDartmouth Motorboat13
22A GillbornChristmas lights1423
A GillbornLindisfarne9
A Gillborn
23P.J. GatesBugatti walking panther1313
P.J. Gates
P.J. Gates