Motion Print

AuthorImage TitleScoreTotalwinning pictures
Bob CooteGrass track rider202
Bob CooteDiving gannet20
Bob Cootego man go1757
Martin JohnsonCoot conflict20
Martin JohnsonFeeding the gulls19
Martin JohnsonChinstrap penguin dive1857
Andrew FoxGrebe chase19
Andrew FoxPoppy fun201
Andrew FoxJust a splash1655
Andrew ColganAnonymous15
Andrew ColganTerritorial dispute18
Andrew ColganIndian Ocean power20533
Jitka BrynjolffssenI will stir this boat inside the gate17
Jitka BrynjolffssenBraughing ford is not a problem18
Jitka BrynjolffssenBull's eye1853
Sam OrchardWater Bomb17
Sam OrchardThe powder jump17
Sam OrchardA dash from the pool1953
Alan Linsdelldarkstar flies15
Alan Linsdelllooking for a landing19
Alan Linsdellscoot1852
Lyndsay LeesRed Arrows17
Lyndsay LeesRiding the troublesome trucks17
Lyndsay LeesLines of light1852
Steve RaoMrs Peacock in the study17
Steve RaoScream if you want to go faster17
Steve RaoCheck1751
Paul CooleyHayley Thorne is a girl racer16
Paul CooleyStill in motion18
Paul CooleyClosing in1650
Peter MyringFall from grace16
Peter MyringFlight of the Kestrel18
Peter MyringMudra fighters1650
Richard SchrammSpinning17
Richard SchrammCheers18
Richard SchrammLanding1550
Tim SomervellBack into the smoke16
Tim SomervellThat's breakfast sorted18
Tim SomervellComing in to Land1650
Pat FlickerLondon Underground15
Pat FlickerLady cycling16
Pat FlickerKingfisher1748
Jenny HudsonEye on the ball15
Jenny HudsonPaddle to the drum beat15
Jenny HudsonNest box wren1747
Mike SmithDrop Crown15
Mike SmithInto the night15
Mike SmithBig boys toys1545
Su SandersPatterns in the flow16
Su SandersIn the swing15
Su Sanders31
Chris MontagueMonty in motion17
Chris Montague
Chris Montague17
A GillbornHappy landings16
A Gillborn
A Gillborn16