Open PDI 2017

1Martin JohnsonWhite-legged Damselfly2054
Male Adonis Blue Butterfly17
Two's Company17
2Sarmite OstanevicaView1850
In Paris17
3Neil SumnerAfterburners On1749
Dandelion sunset17
Me Grumpy15
3Pat FlickerFlying Shoveller duck1749
Bamburgh Castle16
3Sam OrchardJust Waiting1949
Evening calm16
The hand over14
3Andrew ColganWhen the dark thoughts take over1749
Who's a pretty boy then16
The sleeper16
4Jitka BrynjolffssenOld window with red vine1648
Pasque Flowers16
A very happy robin16
4Bob CooteRinglet1748
The tackle16
the anxious father15
4Mike SmithWay Marker, St Mary's Head 1648
Old Lifeboat Shed, Lizard16
Common Spotted Orchid16
5Margaret BudgenTranquility1647
Bridge at sunset16
British standard handful15
5Andy BrooksGathering clouds over the lighthouse1747
Running for my life15
Sailing By15
5David WatersEl Capitan Friends1747
Pelican flypast16
5Andrew FoxBlack Headed Gull1647
After Harvest16
Beach relic15
5Alan LinsdellEmperor Dragonfly1747
5000years of sunrise15
Liberty Bridge Budapest15
6Pete MyringBored Bass1646
Tea Pickers15
Last Catcch of the Day15
6Tim SomervellThats breakfast Tim Somervell1646
Bamboo Lima Tim Somervell15
Eye Eye eating supper Tim Somervell15
7Paul CooleyCrowland Abbey1545
Bridge across a river15
Modern Chatter15
7Richard SchrammKeeping Cool1645
Titfa Tat15
Have You got This14
7Peter AndrewBluebells in Hitch Wood1645
Fountains at Blenheim15
Topiary at Littlecote Hall14
8Terry HartgaGlass, water and lines1543
Trolleybus Duty Number15
Trolleybus meets Greenline13
9Andrew GillbornHere she comes1440
Path to the town13
waiting for the tide13
10Sue HartgaElephant1529
Wells Next the Sea14