Open PDI – 2019-2020

1Martin JohnsonCommon Blue Butterfly20357
Martin JohnsonMale Adonis Blue Butterfly19
Martin JohnsonThree Chalkhill Blue Butterflies18
2Bob CooteDancer20155
Bob CootePasque Flower19
Bob CooteThe Tackle16
3Pat FlickerIm watching you1653
Pat FlickerKingfisher18
Pat Flickerwater vole19
4Andrew ColganGirl On A Moped1852
Andrew ColganSurfer Girl18
Andrew ColganWoman in a Towel Turban16
5Jitka BrynjolffssenFlorence1650
Jitka BrynjolffssenFun in the Lido14
Jitka BrynjolffssenStork Conversation202
5Karen AkersCovered in chaff1850
Karen AkersEuropean grey wolf15
Karen AkersSunrise Taj Mahal17
6Linda BesinPre-sunset Walk1649
Linda BesinLife's a Beach18
Linda BesinIgnite the Night15
7Kevin BinksCabbage white on Verbena Bonariensis1548
Kevin Binkschillin at sunset15
Kevin Binksround and round we go18
8Sam OrchardBest of Friends1648
Sam OrchardChester chilling out16
Sam OrchardLady in Red16
9Andrew FoxRiver Seine Walker1947
Andrew FoxSedgwick Site Cambridge14
Andrew FoxPin Mill, Essex14
10Phil GravettLast fence1646
Phil GravettGeese at dusk15
Phil GravettOne laid back owl15
11Peter BakerPencils1646
Peter BakerStudio time15
Peter BakerWindows of the Soul15
12Rhiannon Maslencosmos1644
Rhiannon MaslenEdington Hoops13
Rhiannon MaslenSunset Play15
13David WatersIgnoring the Photographer1444
David WatersIona Abbey15
David WatersThe Sun...Centre Stage15
14Peter AndrewA Derbyshire Watermill, Bamford1644
Peter AndrewBabbling Brook15
Peter AndrewMy Beautiful Laundrette13
15Jenny HudsonHeading for the Pier1544
Jenny HudsonWaiting for the Customers14
Jenny HudsonWe're supposed to be Walking15
16Chris MontagueChasing the light1528
Chris MontagueProjection13