Open Print 2019

AuthorImage TitlePointsScoreRank
1Bob CooteEuropean bear Finland1957
Bob CooteGrass track sidecar racing203
Bob CooteTrying to stop 5 points18
2Sam OrchardDog and bone20561
Sam OrchardGive a cat a box19
Sam OrchardStreet talk17
3Andrew FoxDancing in the dark20552
Andrew FoxMan and Nature16
Andrew FoxThat's a mouthful19
4Andrew ColganKneeboarder1854
Andrew ColganLine Of Flight19
Andrew ColganPost Surf Meditation17
5Martin JohnsonBee Orchid on Therfield Heath1752
Martin JohnsonIndian Roller17
Martin JohnsonKing Penguin Gossip18
6Jitka BrynjolffssenBreathing new Life into an Old Icon1752
Jitka BrynjolffssenGeese Flying over Red Beach in Iceland18
Jitka BrynjolffssenSunset at Hastings17
7Peter BakerCalm under Felixstowe Pier1651
Peter BakerMermaid Inn, Mermaid Street17
Peter BakerTraining in Wild Bill's Boxing Club18
8Peter AndrewA Cup of Tea with Flowers1651
Peter AndrewLakeside Palace, Udaipur17
Peter AndrewSpring Sunrise over Derwent Water18
9Karen AkersHappy Feet1751
Karen AkersRear view16
Karen AkersSharing platter18
9Linda BesinOld meets New1651
Linda BesinRestoration of Crossness Pumping Station18
Linda BesinRut Rest!17
10Paul CooleyHappy Birthday, Darling1651
Paul CooleyTorre del Mangia17
Paul CooleyView from the Alley18
11Phil GravettGoing to the Grid1650
Phil GravettLeaping Wildcat17
Phil GravettMove Out of Our Way17
12Pat FlickerWild Konik Pony1750
Pat FlickerMuntjac Deer16
Pat FlickerHunting Buzzard17
13Richard BowenLast chance before the storm1649
Richard BowenRadwell at dusk17
Richard BowenThe eye light of the day16
14David WatersForgotten House1648
David WatersIncoming17
David WatersMountain Sheep15
15Kevin BinksJail Cell Cut1648
Kevin BinksLit Up15
Kevin BinksWarm Windy Mill17
16Jenny HudsonDays End1647
Jenny HudsonReady for a Cuppa15
Jenny HudsonWatchful Eyes16
17Angela GoodingA View of Fountains Abbey1547
Angela GoodingCroatian Rooftops16
Angela GoodingDoorways in the Rocks16
18Andrew GillbornA boot garden1443
Andrew GillbornMy reward!14
Andrew GillbornMy space, my muddle15
19P.J. GatesWho's the Winner1616