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PositionAuthorImage TitleScoreTotalImage rank
1Andrew FoxA drop in time1755
Andrew FoxFowlmere Gold201
Andrew FoxThe Iron Foundary18
2Pat FlickerEgret fishing1853
Pat FlickerLake district203
Pat FlickerBlea tarn15
2Bob CooteTry1753
Bob CooteShort eared owl19
Bob CooteDeer on the heath17
2Steve De HavillandCross coutry eventing1753
Steve De HavillandRiver cascade18
Steve De HavillandBlack rock cottage18
3Andy BrooksRuffling a few feathers1652
Andy BrooksKnots landing18
Andy BrooksOrgan pipes - Norwich cathedral18
4Martin JohnsonSome residents of Therfield Heaath1551
Martin JohnsonNectaring Marbled White202
Martin JohnsonMale Chalkhill blue16
4Andrew ColganSpot the difference1851
Andrew ColganContemplating lunch and the horrors of war17
Andrew ColganUnder the lantern - Ely cathedral16
5Sam OrchardPuppy Cuddles1850
Sam OrchardConiston lake14
Sam OrchardThe not so brave boxer18
6Paul CooleyWheel spin1546
Paul CooleyThe Duomo18
Paul CooleyAltered states13
7Jitka BrynjolffssenPoppies1345
Jitka BrynjolffssenColours in my eye17
Jitka BrynjolffssenBlue wall at gloomy Canvey Island15
7Alan LinsdellEyeball to eyeball1445
Alan LinsdellFast flowing15
Alan LinsdellCall of the wild16
7Tim SomervellChips please1445
Tim SomervellGot You15
Tim SomervellAshness bridge leading to Derwentwater16
8Steve RaoLight, Camera Action1544
Steve RaoIt's show time13
Steve RaoCambridge bikes at night16
9Peter MyringOld soldier1642
Peter MyringNoodle maker11
Peter MyringOnce upon a time in Havanna15
10Jenny HudsonWoodland delights1541
Jenny HudsonForgotten12
Jenny HudsonSorting tne Bait14
11Peter AndrewQuy Water approaching Lode Mill1534
Peter AndrewWinter Sunshine over sand and sea19
Peter Andrew
12Chris MontagueBlea Tarn1228
Chris MontagueBill16
Chris Montague
13A GillbornFrom Pier to Beach1224
A GillbornThe twilight Barge12
A Gillborn
14Mike SmithIce Bubble1313
Mike Smith
Mike Smith
15P.J. GatesA lenten Rose1212
P.J. Gates
P.J. Gates