PDI – 2018

AuthorTitlePointsscoreImage Position
1Jitka BrynjolffssenStones at Cart Gap- Norfolk1956
Jitka BrynjolffssenKirkjufell with a fog head19
Jitka Brynjolffsseni am a King Vulture18
2Martin JohnsonMarbled White Butterfly2055
Martin JohnsonFemale Wasp Spider with Prey19
Martin JohnsonSilver-spotted Skipper Nectaring on Scabious16
2Bob CooteThe tackle2055
Bob CooteAn Avian Swirl18
Bob CooteRutting Red Deer17
3Andrew ColganContentment20542nd
Andrew ColganThe Conductor17
Andrew ColganDon't Fence Me In17
4Kevin Binkshow it fell20533rd
Kevin Binksvolume17
Kevin Binksin bloom16
5Neil SumnerSafely over20521st
Neil SumnerTime for contemplation17
Neil SumnerLichen on gate15
5Linda BesinRemember, remember the 5th of November1952
Linda BesinA Man and His Dog17
Linda BesinFlow16
6Richard BowenYellow tail caterpillar1851
Richard BowenUnder a starlit sky17
Richard BowenPenny for your thoughts16
6Phil GravettRolling around the sky1851
Phil GravettEat my Dirt17
Phil GravettOne Giant Leap16
6Andrew FoxB15 Flying Fortress1751
Andrew FoxMigrant Hawker17
Andrew FoxBurnham on Sea17
7paul cooleyThe Cam Jam1750
paul cooleyPainted Building17
paul cooleyView of Millau Viaduct16
7Angela GoodingIt was a good year1950
Angela GoodingFollow My Leader16
Angela GoodingHarvest at Wimpole15
8David WatersBlue Sunset1749
David WatersIts all about the rock16
David WatersGrowing Straight16
8Karen AkersSunset and shadows1749
Karen AkersMemorial Sunset17
Karen AkersWindow view old city15
9Peter AndrewSunrise over Therfield1748
Peter AndrewThe Old Jetty and the New16
Peter AndrewRest in Peace15
9Pat FlickerI'm watching you Hare1748
Pat FlickerLittle Owl16
Pat FlickerPeekaboo Robin15
9Margaret BudgenStudio1648
Margaret BudgenBye bye Scilly16
Margaret BudgenWheels16
10Lucie WoodView with Mount Doom in the Distance1747
Lucie WoodMy favourite spot15
Lucie WoodGood Morning!15
10Andrew GillbornLone bargee1647
Andrew GillbornArt to brighten the war16
Andrew GillbornWW2 Guardians of the Thames15
11Jenny HudsonSails and Shadows1646
Jenny HudsonCurving15
Jenny HudsonEmbracing The Era15