PositionAuthorImage TitleScore
1Bob CooteChanging the Spark Plugs2056
Bob CooteGo on my son19
Bob CooteMissed tackle try17
2Andrew FoxHow long till kick off1555
Andrew FoxAnyone for ice cream20
Andrew FoxBygones20
3Andrew ColganGraffiti Girl1554
Andrew ColganA smoke and a pancake19
Andrew ColganThe connection20
4Jitka BrynjolffssenPortrait of my daughter1753
Jitka BrynjolffssenBali sisters18
Jitka Brynjolffssenjust caught the family dinner18
4Steve RaoAmber Rose Twinle Toes1853
Steve RaoPeekaboo16
Steve RaoPrima Ballerina19
6Richard SchrammMine's bigger than yours1652
Richard SchrammMr H19
Richard SchrammLunchtime Chat17
7Mike SmithZiggy1751
Mike SmithCelebrating (Walk's End)17
Mike SmithJoe the disco17
8Peter AndrewThe Pottery Seller1649
Peter AndrewCrossing a new belt16
Peter AndrewStanding comfotrably17
8Martin JohnsonPreparing for the Skirmish1549
Martin JohnsonThe inexperienced standard bearer17
Martin JohnsonFeeding and photographing parakeets17
9Alan LinsdellMy Captain1747
Alan LinsdellTime for a tackle16
Alan LinsdellItalian boys14
10Pat FlickerScots Guards1646
Pat FlickerDay dreaming14
Pat FlickerUrban artist16
11P.J. GatesCandle Power1818