Policy for Presenting Images for Competition

Images must be entirely the work of the Photographer. In composite images, all
component images must meet this requirement. For the avoidance of doubt, use of
images from any other source including, but not limited to, royalty free image banks
and clipart are NOT permitted.

Any such image, or element of an image, must have originated by means of
Photographic Capture.

1. The use of AI based image generation is NOT PERMITTED.

2. The use of Post Processing tools which use AI to improve their efficiency, however, IS PERMITTED. (This includes, for instance, Cloning, Healing, Content Aware Fill, Sharpening and Noise Reduction – e.g. Topaz, etc).

The distinction is made on the basis that AI in point 1 above is the primary means of generating completely new pixels which are not based on Photographic Capture and which may be based on images for which you do not own the copyright. You have no control over the final result – so it IS NOT acceptable.

The AI referred to in point 2 is employed to make the processing of the Photographer’s image more effective using a tool which is under the Photographer’s complete control. This is, therefore, acceptable.