Primary Colours

PositionAuthorImage NameImage ScoreTotal ScoreImage PositionDate
1Linda BesinPassage to the Unknown203rd
Linda BesinMary Poppin's Favourite Place?18
Linda BesinEnjoying the View!1654
2Karen AkersNorthern lights18
Karen AkersHome for the night18
Karen AkersBlue Lagoon1753
3Bob CooteGrass Track Racing18
Bob CooteGoing for the gate17
Bob CooteThe Tackle1651
4Martin JohnsonThe Blue Chamber201st
Martin JohnsonShades of Green - Female Banded Demoiselle16
Martin JohnsonLichens, Moss and Autumn Leaves1551
4Neil SumnerRed Drop202nd
Neil SumnerLady In Red16
Neil SumnerGreen Avenue1551
4Andrew ColganFrog in RGB19
Andrew ColganBlue Hour At Vitaleta Chapel17
Andrew ColganSea Defences1551
5Jitka BrynjolffssenMagic Cube19Commended
Jitka BrynjolffssenCannot miss it - follow the Yellow!16
Jitka BrynjolffssenBright balls for the beach at Yarmouth1550
5Peter BakerStripes19Commended
Peter BakerA whole bunch of them16
Peter BakerAction at WT's1550
Angela GoodingLet's Hop on the Bus!17
Angela GoodingIn the Dusty Barn16
Angela GoodingThe Little Red Boat1447
Peter AndrewGet Your Nectar Here!16
Peter AndrewJungle Flowers16
Peter AndrewBluebells in Hitch Wood1547
Jenny HudsonSunflower17
Jenny HudsonPitstone Windmill16
Jenny HudsonOn the Corner1447
Andrew FoxEmergency Door17
Andrew FoxKingfisher Blue17
Andrew FoxBeside the Lake1246
Terry HartgaColourful recycling16
Terry HartgaIrish Bicycle16
Terry HartgaChristmas Illuminations1345
Sue HartgaPeeling Colour - Pipe17
Sue HartgaGreen in the water15
Sue HartgaUnderworld1244
Phil GravettTeam Sport18
Phil GravettTaxi13
Phil GravettThe pass1344
pat flickersodem16
pat flickerred kite blue sky15
pat flickerLone tree in green field1344
David WatersHydrangea...early morning light17
David WatersWhen life gives you lemons...stack them14
David WatersThe Bluest Sunset1243
Richard BowenElegantly Graceful15
Richard BowenYellow lorry, red lorry15
Richard BowenThe end of an era1343
Kevin BinksNo presents left to open15
Kevin BinksPencil Fence14
Kevin BinksHue look pretty1443
Andrew GillbornRemembrance Poppies14
Andrew GillbornVillage Post Box14
Andrew GillbornWinter berries1240