St Ives Interprint Competition 2018

The St Ives competition was held yesterday and Royston finished in 20th position with 29 (I think I counted them up properly) clubs taking part.

The judge, Chris Palmer, was a tough marker and handed out many ‘low’ scores overall, but the top three clubs deserved their place with some very strong and interesting images.

Our images scored as follows and congratulations to the members taking part:

Manos – Sam Orchard Jones – 15
Foggy Trees – Richard Schramm – 16
Hungry Gannets – Bob Coote – 16
Guggenheim Detail – Alan Linsdell – 16
The Connection – Andrew Colgan – 15
Just One More Cigarette – Richard Schramm – 15
Reflected – Andrew Colgan – 15
Fowlmere Gold – Andrew Fox – 17

The full results, images and awards can be found here