Still Life -PDI

positionAuthorTitlePointsscoreImage rank
1Andrew ColganTequila Slammer201st
Andrew ColganThe sum of its parts19
Andrew ColganStill life with Stilton1756
2Bob CooteTulips19
Bob CooteShip Shape18
Bob CooteOld Master1754
3David WatersEgg203rd
David WatersGreen ones are my favourite17
David WatersFlying bikes1653
3Mike SmithWhoops19
Mike SmithGolden Wedding Basket17
Mike SmithThread City1753
Sam OrchardThe rider's tack202nd
Sam OrchardTucked away, a life & love of dogs16
Sam OrchardGun & Game1652
Richard SchrammGardening18
Richard SchrammHats17
Richard SchrammLeather Flasks with Onions1752
Alan LinsdellAn oystercatcher, a curlew & Some worms19
Alan LinsdellCycle of the tree17
Alan LinsdellVegetable and calcium1652
Jitka BrynjolffssenThe Thinking Man17
Jitka BrynjolffssenAfter the Old Masters17
Jitka BrynjolffssenIt could be a sign....1751
Andrew FoxIt's a fine balance18
Andrew FoxEgg Race16
Andrew FoxFruit Sundae1650
Martin JohnsonThe Coins of Three Queens17
Martin JohnsonAutumnal Fruits and Seedheads17
Martin JohnsonFavourite Fruits1650
Kathryn WatsonCromer Arcade17
Kathryn WatsonItalian Coffee16
Kathryn WatsonGardening Shoes1649
Tim SomervellGlamorous call tool17
Tim Somervell2017 Year16
Tim SomervellGlass Flowers1649
Andrew GillbornFollow me to the party!17
Andrew GillbornRoses and Cones16
Andrew GillbornLet's not forget1649
Pat FlickerGrandad's watch16
Pat FlickerFirst World War medals16
Pat FlickerWelsh railway sign1648
Margaret BudgenOh my Gourds17
Margaret BudgenColombian Collage16
Margaret BudgenColombian coffee break1548
Phil GravettTea over16
Phil GravettEgg Cup or Urn16
Phil GravettIn the garden1648