Themed Panel 2019

1Bob CooteLife in the extreme cold 12060
Bob CooteLife in the extreme cold 220
Bob CooteLife in the extreme cold 320
2Andrew ColganRipper2060
Andrew ColganEasy Rider20
Andrew ColganWhitewater20
3Peter BakerJess 12060
Peter BakerJess 220
Peter BakerJess 320
4Jitka Brynjolffssen1 Just Carnations1957
Jitka Brynjolffssen2 Three vases and Carnations19
Jitka Brynjolffssen3 Three carnations in a Vase19
5Karen AkersSAFE1854
Karen AkersPROTECT18
Karen AkersLOVE18
6Paul CooleyTiny Tourist in Ely1854
Paul CooleyTiny Tourist at Wollaton Hall17
Paul CooleyTiny Tourist at Hunstanton Beach19
7Andrew FoxHand of a clown1853
Andrew FoxHands of a Nun19
Andrew FoxHands of a Clairvoyant16
8Phil GravettKingfisher L1853
Phil GravettKingfisher C18
Phil GravettKingfisher R17
9Kevin BinksTransition 11750
Kevin BinksTransition 216
Kevin BinksTransition 317
10Pat FlickerKonik 11650
Pat FlickerKonik 216
Pat FlickerKonik 318
11David WatersAngel 11648
David WatersAngel 218
David WatersAngel 314
12Martin Johnson1 Bee Orchid1947
Martin Johnson2 White Helleborine13
Martin Johnson3 Common Spotted Orchid15
13Jenny HudsonHonesty Through The Seasons 11545
Jenny HudsonHonesty Through The Seasons 215
Jenny HudsonHonesty Through The Seasons 315
14Sue SandersCereals1441
Sue SandersRed Campion12
Sue SandersLinseed15
15Peter Gates11th Hour 11440
Peter Gates11th Hour 214
Peter Gates11th Hour 312