Vintage Competition

1Steve De HavillandDebriefing After Sortie2054
Hawker Hurricane Mk2C18
Postcards from a Sweetheart16
2Steven RaoUnder Fire1953
Ready for Battle17
The Major17
3Paul CooleyShelby AC Cobra1852
Jack Daniels18
Rare Kodak Retina IBS16
3Sam OrchardTales of a Grandfather1952
Reflections from an Old Timer17
Vintage Camera Capturing Days Gone By16
3Bob CooteThe Norderleicht1852
Bombed Out17
The Victorian Greenhouse17
4Tim SomervellMassey Harris 21 Combine with a Ford Model A 19381851
Ford Model B8-16 191617
Stearn Balance Plough16
4Jitka BrynjolffsenSaxaphone Player in OldTown Square1851
Wool Spinning at Wimpole17
So Here it is Where the Best Vintage Is Kept16
4Graeme CarrollBreakfast Eggs1751
Not Everything was Digital17
Vintage Ford17
5Jenny HudsonAt the Steam Rally1750
Inside Canterbury Cathedral17
Old Pump in Oxford16
5Martin JohnsonFire A Civil War Reenactment1850
Carvings at Angkor Wat16
Childhood Influences16
5Pete MyringCuban Taxi1750
Anderton Boat Lift17
New York Yellow Cab16
6Andy FoxSteam Plough1749
Midsummer Night's Dream16
Stowe Reflections16
6Andrew GillbornIt's Dark and Late and We're Off1949
Patented Steam Waggon16
An Old Tree14
7Terry HartgaVIC32 Clyde Puffer1748
This Railway Sleeper Needs Replacing16
Vintage Shop Fa‡ade15
7Lyndsay LeesAbandoned Coal Truck1748
Coal Miner's Cottage16
Disused Water Tank15
7Sue HartgaPuffer Puffing1648
Blue Chevvy16
7Richard SchrammVintage Stones1748
Vintage Austin16
Vintage clothes15
7Sue SandersVintage Car1648
World War II RAF Mast16
Final Resting Place16
8Alan LinsdellItalian Baroque Lights1647
Roman Church Tower & Red Roof16
Will We Stop? - Bull Nose Morris15
9David WatersUSA Roundabout Rabbit1646
Last Thatch in Royston16
Old Fire Engines - Waiting for a Shout14
9Pat FlickerSnaefell Mountain Railway IOM1646
Steam Gondola, Lake District15
Laxley Wheel, IOM15
10Andy BrooksWhen Every Picture Told a Story1732
A Stitch in Time15