8th December

Christmas Dinner  on Friday the 14th December at the Banyers Hotel at 7.30 pm

1 December

Lots of wonderful images in our Macro Competition last Thursday. The Judge Howard King gave good explanations and reasons for the scores.

First and second place was awarded to Bob Coote and 3rd to Andrew Colgan. Here are the winning images


22  November

Many thanks to an spirited and entertaining talk about West Cork by Celia Bartlett.

Contacs for Celia’s  residential workshops in West Cork:  on website or email .

 16th November

Fun evening with night photography. Long exposures and ghosting.  And we finished with a drink in the Banyers. Thanks everyone who joined us and look forward to see some photos from the evening.

8th November

Fun night with Studio Lights.  Thank you Terry  for modelling (again!) – and PJ for showing us how he put together his picture of a Lancaster Bomber in the sky.  Very believable!  We also had musical instruments to photograph and other objects. 

27 October

Many thanks for an excellent Talk by Justin Mimms last Thursday, lots of good advice and amazing images.  If anyone would like to go to one of his workshops here is a link.

20th October

Very good selection of prints in our Monochrome Competition on the 18th. Thank you all who entered and also Ron Tear for excellent judging.
The competition was won by Sam Orchard with “Spots In A Box”, in second place was Andrew Fox with ‘Clairvoyant and third place was given to Bob Coot  for his image of ‘Grass track races. For the rest of the winning images  follow the link


5th October

Wonderfull images in our Open PDI competition yesterday. Thank you Alison Jenkins for judging! 

The winner of the PDI competition was Neil Summer  with ‘Safely Over’

Safely over

Second place was awarded to Andrew Colgan for ‘Contentment’

In the third place was Kevin Binks with  ‘How it Fell’


20th September

Great evening with lots of interesting objects to photograph in Macro. 



Images by Jitka Bryn

13th September

Really enjoyable evening with Ann Miles talking about Monochrome My Way.  Lots of useful information and some stunning photos. Thank you Ann Miles!

7 September

We have opened our upcoming year  last night.  We had the pleasure to welcome 3 newcomers, Linda, Karen and Lucy and hope that they will soon be active members of our club.  With wine and cheese, Sam’s quiz, first showing of images for the RAF exhibition and updates about the club activities it was a very pleasant evening. Thank you all for coming.

3 August 

Please note change of dates for the OPEN PDI competition. It is now scheduled for the 4th October 2018.

23 June 

Still Life Photography RPS

and few words about some terms and photographers mentioned   Still life photographers.docx

21 June

Big Congratulations to Andrew Colgan for winning the Photographer of the Year this Year.  In the second place was Bob Coote and third place Martin Johnson. The competition at the top was very tight with just 4 points between the winner  and the second place.

18 June

We have had two Competitions since last post – sorry for the delay.

The winner of the Portfolio Competition was Bob Coote with ‘Feeding Gannets’ 

Second place was awarded to Andrew Colgan  for his ‘Atomic Structure’ Image

In the third place was Jenny Hudson with ‘Are Buskers Just Rubbish’.

Are Buskers Just Rubbish 1

Are Buskers Just Rubbish 3

Are Buskers Just Rubbish 2

Congratulations to all three!!


The long awaited Curves Competition was won by Jitka Brynjolffssen with her Image ‘Watch where you’re going!’

Watch were you’re going..

Second place was awarded to Margaret Budgen with  ‘Lunch Break’

And in the Third place was  image of ‘Horseshoe Bend’ by Katryn Watson 


5th May

Our last competition on the challenging theme of Abstract was won by Andrew Colgan with his ‘Royal Exchange’ image. Second place was awarded to Martin Johnson with a colourful image of ‘Petrol on Water’ and Boob Coote’s triptych of ‘Corrosion’ received a third place. 

14th April

We had a good practical night aiming for abstract (or non) photography with flowers. Thank you Rhiannon for organising the event and Terry for opening up!

11th April 2018

Bishop Stortford Multi- battle  had a strong showing and  Royston came joint 2nd with 181 points!.
In the PDI round we came joint 3rd with Bishop Stortford in first place.  In the Print round we came joint first with Saffron Walden.

It was little surprise that Bishop Stortford won the competition with 185 points having been joint first at the Cambridge club digital competition.

Congratulations to our photographers and the scores are below:

Prints – Score – 90
Fowlmere Gold – Andrew Fox – 19
Ogwen Valley, Snowdonia – Kath Watson – 20
Lesser House Fly – Bob Coote – 18
Winter Sunrise on Over Owler Tor – Andrew Colgan – 18
A Dash from the Pool – Sam Orchard Jones – 15

PDIs – Score – 91
Hungry Gannets – Bob Coote – 18
Do Not Disturb – Lyndsay Lees – 16
Me and My Dad – Sam Orchard Jones – 17
Hope Valley Sunrise – Andrew Colgan – 20
The Jewel in the Grass – Martin Johnson – 20

The judge was Dr Roger Winter


26th March 2018
Open Print – excellent competition with  lots of entries and 11 images  receiving a full score of 20

Congratulations to the Competition Winners!

 Winner – Andrew Colgan

2nd place – Bob Coote

3d place – Sam Orchards



7th March 2018
In the EAF Print competition we did not make the first 15,  but finished 20th from 29th entries. Alan says: Plenty scope for improving! Please look under the EAF tab  for the results tables.

2nd March 2018
Please note that the Curves PDI competition has been rescheduled for the 17th of May

1st March 2018
St Ives Interprint 2018
The St Ives competition was held yesterday and Royston PS finished in 20th position with 28  clubs taking part.  The winners were Cambridge CC with 142 pts,  2nd – Ware and DistrictPC  -140 pts  and 3rd – Norfolk PG with 139 pts. for full  details please click here

Our images scored as follows and congratulations to the members taking part:
Manos – Sam Orchard Jones – 15
Foggy Trees – Richard Schramm – 16
Hungry Gannets – Bob Coote – 16
Guggenheim Detail – Alan Linsdell – 16
The Connection – Andrew Colgan – 15
Just One More Cigarette – Richard Schramm – 15
Reflected – Andrew Colgan – 15
Fowlmere Gold – Andrew Fox – 17


13th february 2018
THE EAF competition in summary
37 Clubs from around 200 registered with the EAF entered the competition.  After number of years RPS entered this competition again .
We entered 25 PDI images, our first 15 into the first round of the competition.  At the end of the first round we were in 15th position with 171 points, shared with Norwich & District PS.  So we missed the final round by just 1 position or 3 points.
We did really well! for a small club with limited experience in this type of competition.  Read more here

EAF PDI Championship 3rd Feb ’18
The winning images from the EAF PDI competion 2018 can be viewed here


1st February 2018
The Mobile Phone Competition held on the 1st February 2018 featured 36 great images. Many thanks to Adrian Stone for excellent judging.  The winner was Terry Hartga with Night Time Transit on the Shropshire Union Canal

The second place was awarded to Andrew Colgan for The Royal Exchange

Third place was awarded to Rhiannon Maslem for The Lads. All enlargements for the winning images can be viewed here


18th January 2018
The Landscape Print Competition on 18 January was well attended with great selection of images. The winner was Andrew Colgan, who also received second place. Third place was won by Kath Watson . To view the enlarged images please click here

1st place: Andrew Colgan –  Winter sunrise Over Owler Tor           

2nd place: Andrew Colgan – Hope Valley Sunrise

3rd place: Kath Watson  – Ogwen Valley


Recently we celebrated the Clubs 30th Birthday in the presence of the Town Mayor, Councillor Vera Swallow. An Article about the event was posted in the Royston Crow 18th January edition .
To view photographs from the event, please click here